Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Feelin' Gawgeous This Holiday!

Mawnin' Loverlies!! I had a chance to try out the new Studio Gear Holiday Smokey Eye Palette. It has eyeshadows called frost, platinum, coal, and glimmer. It also comes with a lovely shade of blush called snowy glow. I like what they named that blush. lol Makes me think ooooooo pretty!

This palette is small enough you can tote it around if you need to make any reapplications. :) I believe that's one of the awesome parts about it, other then the colors are gorgeous. I didn't do my makeup exactly like how the palette instructs. I did my normal routine by putting the frost on the top lid, platinum on the bottom lid, with a bit of coal on the sides of my lids.
I love these colors for blue eyes, they just seem to make them pop! :) I will have to say one con, and it's not a big con either. I have allergy issues and I don't believe these are hypoallergenic. My eyes get watery sometimes and will ruin my eye shadow. Luckily my eyes weren't as watery with this palette as some other brands I have used in the past. I will admit though I loved how these eyeshadows looked on my eyes. I will admit I will purchase more from this brand, Because the palette is cute and is very easy to handle and apply. Yes, I must say it again, also because of the gorgeous colors. If you would like to purchase your own Studio Gear Holiday Smokey Eye Palette, click this link. One more thing I need to mention is my readers get a 10% discount off your entire order!! You only need to enter this code SGHOLIDAY. The code is also for any purchase on the site. Ta Ta For Now!!

The case

The palette. ;)

The palette opened. lol 

This is I believe after four or five hours of putting the makeup on. Not too bad eh?? 

This is at the end of the day. Not too bad its still on pretty decent. :D
I do notice the coal is off. but I didn't put that much to begin with I think. I didn't want it to be really dark eyes. lol
I decided not to do any reapplications. But I will know next time to reapply. I also deal with a bit of oily skin at times.

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