Monday, December 02, 2013

Learn MORE About ME Mondays! - 3

Mawnin' Loverlies!! Yesh It is yet again Learn MORE about ME Mondays!! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!! I believe mine was wonderful. ;) My anxiety was acting up a bit worse during the week/weekend. Possibly because I cooked something for both Thanksgivings I went to. Sometimes I think I get anxious if it's not perfect. Well that mixed with other things, like being away from my home for a bit. Etc. But I got through it so YAY!! I am so nervous this year with Christmas. I guess, because of trying to figure out if we have enough to get certain presents. Ya know your normal Christmas time worries. lol. I am trying my best though to not let it get me down and depressed. It is very easy for my moods to drop. But I just have to have faith that everything will turn out fine. And Pray. Pray a lot.
Alrighty on to my list!!

1.) When I get really anxious, I will almost always chew my fingernails, to where they are short. I  never notice I even do it also. I've been pretty good at not doing it lately so far. :D So YAY!! I don't know if any of y'all do it? But it was always weird one day nails, the next day so short.

2.) I know I always remember stuff when I was younger. lol But I used to dip bread in kool-aid, soda, any type of drink and eat it. I remember red Kool-aid being my favorite though. Very weird that I did that. But I thought it tasted awesome.

3.) Another thing with bread, is I would have my daddy break up some bread for me and put it in a bowl on the ground. Also milk in a bowl on the ground. I always wanted to see what it was like for a cat to eat. lol

4.) When I lived at my step fathers house. Our Christmas tree was a Cedar tree we would cut down in our own yard. His house is kinda on a mountain. So we had plenty. His house was also huge so we  never really had to trim it. When we did trim it it was only m a few inches or maybe one foot off. It was the most beautiful Christmas tree ever!! My favorite part is the Christmas tree. I would always play with my dolls and with certain ornaments on the tree when I was younger.

5.) My family and I would always watch Willow every Christmas. ;)

6.) My mother put me in pageants when I was younger. But I wasn't that fond of them because I was very shy. lol She also had my brother Ricky do pageants. I can't remember if Rocky was in them or not though. I still have the VHS of my brother singing Yankee Doodle Dandy with his ventriloquist dummy. He would be very upset if I showed that to anyone. *evil Laugh* I won't though.

Alrighty. As I always say I would really love to hear More About Y'all in the comments. lol Or even if any of y'all did the same weird things I did. I'm such a weirdo. LOL Ta Ta For Now!!

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