Friday, November 29, 2013

Skillet Love My Food

Hello there Loverlies!! I am very excited about this Green Earth 8" Pan skillet by Ozeri I got to try out. This skillet was very easy to use, also very easy to clean. Every person who cooks/washes dishes' dream!! I decided to make an egg, ham, and cheese toasted sandwich from the left over ham that my hubby made for us Thursday. NOMS!! It was delicious. I was so happy how the eggs did not stick on the skillet like they have in the past on other skillets I have used. I am seriously lovin' it too much. lol 

I wanted to share the info it states on the box so y'all can see how awesome it is!! 

* No harmful heavy metals or chemicals.
* Superior non-stick performance. (agreed) 
* Durable scratch-resistant ceramic, as found in nature. 
* Comfortable silicon coated handle. 
* Completely eco-friendly (ceramic coating emits no harmful fumes). 
* Induction stove safe. 

This skillet has Greblon ceramic coating from Germany. It states it is 100% free of PTFE and PFOA. Those letters basically stand for the stuff that's bad for your health. ;) I am very excited to use this skillet more often though. I know I will definitely start investing in these skillets. I recommend them. How can you not resist this pretty bubbly looking texture?? You can't. If you would like to see where to purchase this brand of skillet click this link. ;) Enjoy my pictures and Ta Ta For Now!!

Bubbley Texture Goodness

Don't Scrape me!!


Hey!! It's HAM!! 

End Result. You hardly have to wash it!!

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