Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Follow Your Arrow

Mawnin' Loverlies! Today is cold this Christmas Eve!! YAY!!! I'm love cold weather, because I love wearing sweaters and being snuggly drinking hot cocoa. NOMS! I shall get me some later. Onto the subject of the day....

My friend Johnathan , I call him Jayla, introduced me to this country singer named Kacey Musgraves. She has videos on Vevo/youtube but I haven't seen her cd yet in the stores. I love her music though, she makes a lot of good points in her lyrics. One of the songs I like is called Follow Your Arrow.

Here are some of the lyrics of Kacey Musgraves Follow Your Arrow:

VS1: If you save yourself for marriage You're a bore If you don't save yourself for marriage You're a whore-able person If you won't have a drink Then you're a prude But they'll call you a drunk As soon as you down the first one

Chorus: Make lots of noise Kiss lots of boys Or kiss lots of girls If that's something you're into When the straight and narrow Gets a little too straight Roll up a joint, or don't Just follow your arrow Wherever it points, yeah Follow your arrow Wherever it points

(You will have to click my Youtube link to listen to the rest! :))

It's basically about whatever you do, do it because it makes you happy. Don't follow after others, but go your own path. The song also states who cares if someone judges you or gives you weird looks for doing what you enjoy. You cannot make everyone happy. So why try? Because that just leads to your own misery. Something I need to remind myself always. I have always been a people pleaser. I like making others happy, but it is very difficult. I just need to listen to this daily, so I can focus just on making myself happy. (Well and my hubby also, I'm not happy if he's not happy.) And not worry about others as much as I have been. Because it's a lost worry, and it brings unneeded stress in my life. I will post the video at the end of this blog post for y'all to watch. :) Ta Ta For Now!

I decided to make a chalkboard print to go with this song/post!! :D (Psst.... Grab it if you want!!)

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