Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Get Your Travel Boots On!

Afternoon Loverlies! A few months ago I was looking at a blog named Vintage Sunshine and noticed there was a giveaway to enter. The item that was being given away were these teen books called Travels With Gannon And Wyatt. They seemed interesting so I tried my luck at winning. I was quite lucky, because there wasn't many entered in the giveaway. I figured these books would be a neat gift. The only issue is who do I know that has children that would read these. lol!

These books are very interesting. The first is their travels to Botswana, Second is The Great Bear Rainforest, and third is Egypt. The travels to Egypt comes out in January. These books actually tell you a little about the history and information about where they are traveling.  Gannon and Wyatt somehow in each book get a chance to travel to these places, either to help with discovering ancient tombs, or just trying to witness a Spirit Bear.

These stories are based on real life twins that traveled when they were teenagers. Of course they added more danger to their events then what really happened, otherwise it might not have been much of a book. lol The book is written like journal entries. You will notice Wyatt is the science nerd out of the two. In his entries he makes sure to put the temperature, date, time, and coordinates where they are, etc. Gannon a lot of times will put nothing or just write a guesstimate of what time it is. These books had a few graphic areas. For example, in the travels to Botswana there is an area where they described how the snake they were about to eat was being gutted. But that's really about as graphic as these books get.

With this giveaway I also recieved two small bracelets, a pen, and a dvd on Botswana. I thought that was very neat. :) I really enjoyed reading these books I will admit. I just may have to keep reading them, if they come out with more books.  Maybe it will come to me sooner or later whose children I can give these too. ;) Have a Merry Christmas y'all!!! Ta Ta For Now!!

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