Thursday, December 26, 2013

Enter Into The Fae World

Mawnin' Loverlies! As I have been reading more, I realize how much I miss it. When I was younger it seemed like I would read every hour of the day. Sadly as I've gotten older I haven't done much of reading anymore. Well these past few months I have been forcing myself to get back into reading. It is good for the mind!! :) I have found a new book I LOVE and will have to finish the whole series of course. This book is called The Iron King written by Julie Kagawa. I didn't know what this book was about when I started it. I don't like reading the synopsis a lot of times. I just go by the title and the book cover and read it from that judgement. There are a few times I have read the synopsis. I just don't like anything given away. I'm weird like that. lol

The Iron King is actually aboue Fae!! (Makes me ready for Lost Girl to start up again) Basically you have this girl named Meghan Chase and her friend Robbie. She's not a very popular girl, she even believes everyone just forgets she exists most of the time. Her half brother, Ethan, gets kidnapped to the fae world. That is where she learns that the Summer King Oberon is her father and that she is half Fae, half human. Robbie, who is actually Robin GoodFellow from a Midnight Summers Dream, takes her to the Fae world so she can find Ethan. On the way she runs into the Winter Prince Ash, who just wants to kill her, but yet she has feelings for him. You have Brownies, Satyrs, Goblins, etc in these adventures that she is stuck in. Also the one thing that hurts Fae is Iron. It doesn't hurt Meghan because she is a half breed, it also doesn't hurt the Iron King (of course). He is made of iron and technology items. The Fae are alive because humans believe in them. The Iron King actually came alive when technology started to grow. So their mission is to get Ethan back and get rid of The Iron King, before he destroys NeverNever. NeverNever is what the Fae world is called.

I love this book with it's forbidden romance and adventures with the Fae! It was a very exciting book and I can't wait to get my hands on the next book to read more of the story!! If you like stores about Fae and mythical creatures, I suggest this be one of your reads! Ta Ta For Now!!

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