Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Snapped Fresh And Good To Go!

Mawnin' Loverlies! I have another post about Ozeri products!! This product, well it is just as awesome as the others! I am very excited to share it with y'all. The product is called Ozeri INSTAVAC Green Earth Container Set, BPA Free Nesting Set With Vacuum Seal And Locking Lids. When I received this product, my heart was all giddy inside. I have so much trouble trying to keep tomatoes, fruit, veggies, etc fresh. Especially if I put them in my fridge. I read they are supposed to stay fresh longer in the fridge, but I haven't seen results yet.

I decided to try some tomatoes first with this product. All I did was put the tomatoes in the INSTAVAC tupperware, then you have to push down on the lid to push all the air out. Also make sure the little green dial is snapped down, so air doesn't come in. Then you set the dial to what date you put it in the tupperware and walah!! These tomatoes stayed fresh for a week if not a few days more. How amazing is that! That is quite amazing in my book. Normally they would only last about three days. What makes them stay fresh longer is that no air enters into the tupperware. These are great tupperware that everyone should invest in. I know as soon as I am able to I will purchase more and get rid of my old tupperware. They are on sale right now on amazon, here is a LINK to get y'all there to purchase them. ;) Trust me, I don't have any complaints about them and I doubt y'all will. Ta Ta For Now!

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