Monday, December 09, 2013

Learn MORE About ME Monday! - 4

Afternoon Loverlies! Sorry this post is later. But it is Learn MORE About ME Monday!! WEEEEE!! This whole weekend as been so icy, but so far we are doing pretty well at getting around. Hope everyone else is doing fine, with this weather. On to what this post is about!!

1.) I have a weird obsession with pajamas. I just feel I have to get new pajamas every time I go out to shop. lol Specially if they are Disney, owls, or Christmas.

2.) The only sushi I can eat are California Rolls and Philadelphia rolls. I haven't really tried anything else, because i'm not a raw fish fan. The Philadelphia rolls taste good but the texture bothers me sometimes. It is made with smoked salmon. I just don't like how it can taste slimy sometimes. lol The only fish I really like eating are salmon, tilapia, tuna (in a can), or catfish.

3.) I can't eat shrimp. I have always been semi allergic to it. A few years ago I tried it twice, each time I got sick with a sinus infection or strep throat. So I just stopped eating it all together. Really stinks though, because I miss coconut shrimp.

4.) I really don't like wasting food. But for some reason whenever there are leftovers, I cannot bring myself to eat them a lot of times. I even get nauseous thinking about eating leftovers. Makes me sad. :P

5.) I am bored and distracted real easily.
6.) I like waffles better then pancakes. I think because waffles can be crispy. I especially think waffle cones for ice cream are better then regular ice cream cones.

As I say always. I would love for y'all to comment. I love to get to know my readers also. ;) Ta Ta For Now!

Hey Y'all! I'm on a CAMEL!!
Not my most fondest picture of me, hair up cuz it was hot, and meh at shorts. lol But I was excited to ride that camel!!
Next mission is to ride an Elephant!!

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