Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Imma Try To Draw!

Afternoon Loverlies!! I wanted to share this neat little app I found at the app store on my IPhone. It is called PaigeeWorld. It is basically a community of anime/manga type drawers. You basically make a profile and just go look at other folks drawings, or you can post your own drawings. It has Paigee points you earn by submitting drawings I believe. Or earning paigee pins by entering contests or connecting to facebook. I believe that's another way to unlock paigee points. When you earn these points, you can use them to unlock tutorials on how to draw certain characters etc. Very COOL!! I'm still learning the ropes of this app. lol But I think it is very interesting to at least try!!

I decided to try to draw some myself. Don't laugh. lol The first two pictures I just saw what someone drew and just tried to draw it myself. The last picture I just kinda did the same but mixed stuff. lOl Hey I gotta start somewhere. Maybe I will get the hang of it so I can get better at  drawing some more. Anyways, All I am saying is TRY IT!!! YAY!!! :D Ta Ta For Now!!!

Didn't mean to make her yellow!! LOL oops


Yep I'm not the best. LOL 

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