Saturday, January 04, 2014

Do You Have A Grace?

I just finished Graceling by Kristen Cashore recently. It was such a good book. It is around the time there were sword fights and kings with kingdoms. There are certain people that have a Grace. These people have two different colored eyes and their Grace they have can be either killing, cooking, even reading minds. A lot of times these folks who have a Grace are usually hired, or not even hired to work for the king. Whichever king wants them to work for them. One of the main characters is Katsa. She has a Grace for killing, which is rare for women to have that Grace. Her uncle is King Randa and he makes her work for him. Basically she has to go out to torture or kill folks that either don't pay up to the king, or if they wrong the king in any way. She doesn't enjoy killing. A lot of the times she just knocks them out. That's all I will tell. I don't like giving away the whole story. lol I think it is very much worth reading.

There is romance and a lot of adventure in this book. I believe it is a series of books also. Whenever I read books, especially like these books. Where the main character has to ride on horse back make their own fire, and catch their own food. I just always try to picture if it was me doing these things. If we ever were made to go back to those days, with no computers and such. Would I be able to survive? Maybe I get a bit paranoid but sometimes I wish I could at least learn how to do stuff like that. Even hunting. I kinda want to learn how to hunt to see if I could do it, especially if a situation happened where I needed to. It would be comforting to know I could survive in the wilderness. :) lol Silly I know. I think I get so into books and movies that I feel as if I was there. I have too much of an imagination. Maybe I have just the right amount. Anyways go grab this book and read it. Would love y'all to comment and tell me what you thought of the book. :) Ta Ta For Now!

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