Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Did You Find Me?

Afternoon Loverlies!! I got a few bucks for Christmas so I went to Hastings. I found some books for 3.99 each. How awesome!! I was just wanting to get some new books that aren't normally what I read. I found two I liked. :) I have finished one of them, ready to read the other. So excited!! lol This book I just finished is Come and Find Me written by Hallie Ephron. I normally read fantasy books, this is not one of those. It is about a woman named Diana, who used to be very active. Her boyfriend Daniel and their friend Jake would travel a lot. They enjoyed hiking and climbing mountains. They were also hackers. They would hack companies just to show them how they needed to make their security stronger. After one incident of them hacking into medical files, Diana read about how a patient had died because of the files being messed up. The doctors and nurses didn't know how much medicine to give the woman. Diana was sad and told Daniel and Jake that they needed to stop the hacking and do something better. The guys agreed, and to celebrate they went to the Swiss mountains to go climbing.

There was an accident while they were climbing and Daniel fell to his death. That sent Diana into deep depression and anxiety. She decided to move into the house she grew up in and Jake set up a security system with cameras for her. She was too scared to go outside, so she decided to join a virtual reality world called OtherWorld. There are real people behind each avatar in OtherWorld. (This interested me because I play on Second Life at times. It is a virtual Reality world. lol) Diana got 1,000,000 dollars in settlement money after Daniel died. Jake decided that they should invest it into making this company called Gamelan. Gamelan is basically doing the opposite of hacking, like they used to do. They would instead help companies by giving them software to help them from becoming hacked. She and Jake would even have real business meetings with these companies on OtherWorld with their avatars. Which is very handy for her, because of her anxiety.

Diana's sister Ashley comes to visit her one weekend. She gives her sister information about an event this Improv group called Spontaneous Combustion is holding. She of course didn't want to attend this event, but knew her sister would love it. While at the event her sister disappears. Diana now has to try to get over her anxiety and make herself get out into the real world to look for her sister. I thought it would be very interesting to read this, because I kind of relate to her a bit. If you want to know more about the story you must read the book. It's worth it! It was very suspenseful and on the edge of your seat exciting. ;) 
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