Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Imma Read! Ok?

2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Robin has read 2 books toward her goal of 100 books.

Afternoon Loverlies! I decided to do a CHALLENGE!! WEEEEE!! I will put this widget on the side of my blog also. :) I am excited!! I sometimes get scared of challenges because I get bored easily with them. lol Well I will complete this challenge. I made a promise to myself! I have to make sure I don't overwhelm myself like I easily do at times. lol I joined this group on Goodreads called Into The Forest. It is a group that discusses fairy tales, myths, legends, and monsters. I just love fairy tales. I have always loved them ever since I was little. I also enjoy reading nursery rhymes. I have no clue why I've enjoyed them so much, just always have. 

This Into The Forest group has set a group challenge for 2014. I am going to add this into my read 100 books challenge for this year. Kill two birds with one stone, eh? That's such a horrible metaphor! I wouldn't want to kill birds. :( But it does help explain what I am talking about. At least I hope it does!! lol Anyways, this challenge I have accepted from this group is: 

1. Read one book from Endicott YA Fairy Tale list
2. Read one book from Endicott adult Fairy Tale list
3. Read one book from the Endicott Mythic Fiction list 
4. Read a Greek Myth with which you are not familiar (or have forgotten most of) 
5. Then read a modern retelling of that Myth (published 2000 and later)
6. Read Fractured fairy tales (can be one story, a novel or a collection) 
7. Read several Tales from Arabian Nights that you are not familiar with 
8. Read a book on Urban Legends or a critical analysis of Urban Legends 
9. Read a retelling of Arthurian legend or a book about Arthurian Legends 
10. Read a collection of non-European Fairy Tales, Myths or Folktales 
11. Read a fairy tale that you are not familiar with and..... 
12. then read a retelling or critical book about that tale

Interesting eh? If you have a Goodreads account and want to join the group/group challenge click this LINK for the page. Just scroll down a teeny bit and you will see the challenge. Well, that's one of my main goals for this year! What's Yours? ;) Ta Ta For Now!


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