Friday, January 17, 2014

I Love Smelling Like Green Tea!

Afternoon Loverlies!! I don't have much to chat about with y'all today. I just wanted to share some stuff i've purchased recently. I haven't done much today either. I tried reading this one book called The Exiles Return by Elisabeth de Waal. I hate not reading it all the way through, but I was bored. I kept falling asleep sadly. :( It just might have to be a book I try on another day. I am ready to move on to other books I have to read.

So yes, I decided to do some purple eye makeup. I recently purchased this purple eyeliner from Wet N' Wild. It went on pretty decent actually. I did have a few tears in my eyes since wearing it, but not as bad as it can get with my allergies. The mascara I used is from Revlon is called lash potion. This mascara is not my favorite. It seems a bit clumpy, it really bothers me when my mascara makes my eyelashes clump together. I am kinda OCD about that. I feel like everything has to at least look semi perfect, if not perfect. I like using E.L.F.'s mascara better. My lipstick was a mix of two lipsticks. lol I didn't mean for that to happen. I went to put on this hot pink lipstick from Wet N' Wild called don't blink pink and then decided nope, I didn't want to wear that. So I was being lazy, instead of taking off my lipstick I put my Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain called crush begun on over it. The lipstick is pretty decent, it's kind of dry. This balm stain is awesome though. It is very moustorizing, you can smell a menthol kind of scent in it. I love the color also. It does show up pretty decent on my lips. So what you see is very much what you get. ;)

 Moving on to what I found at Walgreens the other day. I always keep looking for Rihanna Rogue, but never find this perfume in any of the stores I go into. argh. Well I found something I like and it was cheap. So sorry pretty rogue perfume. I will just not get you I guess. lol I perchused a perfeme called Boum. The scent is Green tea cherry blossom. Let me tell you, it really does smell like green tea!! I LOVE IT!! It also has a small sweet smell to the mixture. I guess that's the cherry blossom? I have no clue. lol But I love it and it was only 10 bucks, plus tax of course. But SO worth it. I'm so happy!! This brand had other scents to choose from. This was my favorite though. One more thing I would like to share, are these beautiful fox earrings I found at Maurice's. What does the fox say? PURCHASE ME, that's what it says!! Well that's enough of sharing today. Ta Ta For Now!!

Did a fun filter for poops and giggles!! :D

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