Monday, January 20, 2014

Learn MORE About Me Monday - 7

Afternoon Loverlies! I decided to do another Learn MORE About ME Monday. I think I should do these every once in a bit. I also wanted to share these CUTE socks I found at wal-mart. They look like they are crocheted. I don't know. lol I love them, they are so soft and they are only about 3 bucks. Cheap and cute!! HECK YEAH!! They even sparkle. I don't think you can go wrong with sparkling, period. ;)

Alrighty, back to what today's post is about.

1.) I'm not very fond of olives. I have to have them covered in other stuff, like casseroles and burritos. Etc.

2.) I love socks. Disney themed, fuzzy, cartoon themed, colored, etc. I just love them!

3.) I am now obsessed with books again. yep. lol When I was younger I used to grab a book and read it over and over again. I did that with a lot of books. lol I always loved nursery rhymes and fairy tales.

4.) Sometimes whenever I have room for organizing devices. I like to find and purchase them, and then organize my house. Only when the cleaning mood hits me. I used to be better at cleaning though. I was a clean freak. I just had to clean. lol Even when I was like four I was begging my mother to let me clean the house. I begged because she wouldn't allow me to sometimes. I guess because of the cleaning liquids? I guess that is how you say it. My brain is so spacey today.

Alrighty, leave some facts about yourself below!! I would love to read them. My brain is so spacey today I could only jot down four things. sorry. lol I'm so distracted I guess. sheesh. Ta Ta For Now!

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