Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Monstah' Feet!

Afternoon Loverlies! Haven't done much lately, Just the usual. :) My mother in law came over Saturday. We went out to eat at El Almacen and watched a movie at our house. Twas fun, we watched the second Percy Jackson movie. I like it, it's a pretty decent movie. I bet the books are better though. I need so need to read them!! lol It has been hard to get out and do stuff  because my hubby is doing online school. So most mornings I am doing dishes, making breakfast, hubby studying, I'm reading, I'm also doing dance central to be active and work out, more dishes, etc. That is basically our typical morning nowadays. At least it will be for a while now. I'm trying to do stuff to stay active since we don't have time to get out much and walk around at stores and such. I'm ready for him to be graduated. Hopefully soon. I also don't want it to go by fast though, because that will be just another year gone by. It sure seems like they do go by really fast, the years, that is. I have to remind myself to be patient and just I guess live in the moment. Make the most of every day, because before you know it they are gone like a flash of lightning. It is so weird how when you are young everything goes by so slow, but then you get older and poof everything has gone by fast. Why is that?

This weekend we were able to get out and grab a few fun stuff for ourselves. :) I found these cute monster feet house shoes for only 3 dollars at Rue 21!! Everyone needs monster feet house shoes, they just do!! SO CUTE!! They had other shoes there on clearance for 3 dollars you can choose from. Also something exciting came in the mail!! I finally got one of my phone cases. WEEEEE!! It is so adorable. I purchased it off of Ebay, I believe from china? Can't fully remember. It was only 6 dollars, how cheap is that! I love it because it has Little Red Riding Hood on it and it is shaped like a little book. When you open it up it has three different slots to put your drivers license etc. in. Best phone case ever! I cannot wait to get my other case, it was cheap also. lol I love cheap stuff, can you tell?

One of the books i'm reading right now is The Iron Daughter. It is the second book in The Iron Fey series. So far it's been kinda stressful. I guess when I mean stressful, means it tugs back and forth at a lot of  my emotions. I like the story though. I think after this one I will read The next Vampire Academy series Spirit bound. I am so into this story, I cannot wait for the movie to come out. It looks like from the trailers they mixed like the first two or three books together for the first movie. As long as they do the books justice, i'm happy. Just don't screw it up movie folks! Then after that book I shall delve into Divergent! Finally! I only just bought this a few weeks ago!! Why haven't I read it, right? I just overwhelm myself I guess. lol I'm sure I've said that before. Random thought, don't you hate it when one boob is a little bit bigger then the other? ARGH!! Nothing is perfect. oh well. Would love any of you loverly readers to leave comments and such. I enjoy reading them when I do get them. I also love responding to them!! 
Ta Ta For Now!

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