Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wanting vs. Needing

Evening Loverlies! Not much to share to day, except for some of my wants! I feel like I need them, but yesh they are only wants. lol I've been loving disney, comic book, anything with some type of cute littler character or saying on them lately. Well not just anything, I am quite picky. I can't help it though. I know what I want. That's a good thing I think? I like looking on sometimes because you can set certain stores to pop up in your feed. If anything new they are selling, walah, they show up! Anyways, here are a few things I feel like I NEED! lol

I also want to post a scripture I like. It's nothing related to clothes and such, but hey, I'm random. I remember that this was my father's favorite poem. I can't remember who told me though, probably my momma. It is called Footprints In The Sand written by Mary Stevenson. I like reading this poem, it helps remind me how close God is near and with me. How he helps me get through trying times and how he is there carrying me through them. Clothing maybe what I want, but what I need is God. :) Ta Ta For Now!


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