Monday, February 03, 2014

I Like Turtles!

Afternoon Loverlies! This weekend my sissy in law came to stay the night! YAY! I am so excited! It's been forever since I had someone stay the night. lol Sounds silly don't it. Well I liked it, having company to talk with. We decided to go to Conway the next day to do some errands. One of them being, I had to take pictures of my cousin in law. She needed some taken she said. So walah! I still have yet to go through and edit them. I am going to do that today though. I just might post them tomorrow. :) I Finally started reading Divergent. It's pretty good so far! I want to get it read because the movie comes out in March. I can't wait! That is three movies now I am looking forward to, Divergent, Vampire academies, and Malificent. I have to watch these movies when they are in theaters, have to.

About a month ago I found a cute sweatshirt at Forever 21 that had Eastman and Laird's version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on it! I used to always love TMNT. I would play barbies with my brothers TMNT toys. We would watch the movies and the cartoons! I remember when I was, I guess I was six, I had a weird crush on Michelangelo. Yes, I know, he is a cartoon character that's a turtle. I can't explain why I had a crush on him, I was a weird child. Maybe that's enough explanation. lol I still like TMNT though. No, I don't have a crush on them anymore. lol Thankfully I am not that weird anymore, at least I think... I also found all four movies at walmart for 13 bucks! YAY! Cheap price eh?

Another item I found that is cheap was at Maurices. I searched through their clearance rack that had 75% off the reduced price. I found this awesome cardigan, I guess you would call it a cardigan? Sweater jacket maybe? I don't know, but I do know I LOVE IT! It was only 10 bucks. Maurices always has some decent clearance items. It is So worth the 10 bucks. I wear it around the house a lot. If you don't believe me ask my hubby. lol I wish I was better at crocheting, I would crochet me and my friends a butt load of these sweater jackets. Ta Ta For Now!

scuse the lighthing in this. lol It makes my body look different on the right side. oh well. :P lol BUT THE SWEATER IS SO CUTE RIGHT?
Hope this is decent enough pic for y'all. lol sorry. But look at the two pockets in the front! Perfect!

I still haven't watched the fourth one yet, maybe today I shall!

What I am listening to whilst blogging. ;)

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