Saturday, March 08, 2014

Are You A Squid?

Afternoon Loverlies! I didn't sleep well last night, I just kept having awful dreams. I napped this morning but I just feel tired still. I started working out again and using this protein powder I miss into milk. It is supposed to help your muscles not feel as sore from working out, my mother in law also said it gave her a lot of energy. So far the only plus from it is it tastes delicious, but that's about it. I still feel sore and i'm sleepy. Argh! It has only been two days since using it though, but I doubt it will give me energy. For some reason, nothing gives me energy. It is very frustrating, especially when I have a pile of laundry in the living room I need to fold.

The Protein Powder I purchased from Wal-Mart.
I mix it with milk . They also have Vanilla flavor.

Another disappointing note is Cat Paradise is not an anime. That made me a bit sad, but I did find one anime called Squid Girl and I love it. It is about this girl that calls herself Squid Girl, of course, she has come from the sea in order to invade human kind for polluting her waters. She has tentacles that move and are strong enough to do anything. This character is cute!! It's a cutesy anime, but at least it's not a dirty one, yuck! I just hate that a lot of them are just dirty, it makes me happy to find one that isn't. Sad though it has only two seasons and the second season isn't English dubbed. But I sucked it up and watched the second season even if I had to read it, lol. It wasn't so hard because I wanted to finish it and the words were big enough I didn't miss much of the show whilst reading what was going on. I watched the first season on Netflix and the second season on Crunchyroll. I Crunchyroll was something you have to pay for, but there are some free shows that you can watch without paying a premium subscription to it. I found also Funimation is another site where you can watch some anime's. I'm excited, I can't wait to find another one that's cute and I enjoy. My husband loves reading manga's and watching anime's, so I'm always trying to find certain ones I enjoy that way I can like some things he enjoys. But that is basically what I have been doing this past few days, working out, drinking protein drink, doing house chores, not sleeping well, watching anime, and reading manga. What have you been doing? ( I also wanted to add the last two pictures I found on Deviantart! I put the link in the source so y'all can go and view who made them. Aren't they cute!! I love them!)
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