Friday, March 28, 2014

I Love Strawberry Shortcake

Afternoon Loverlies! Last Saturday my hubby and I went to see Divergent in the movies!! There were some parts from the book they took out, but overall not too bad at being close to the book. :) I loved it!! This movie is worth watching and the books are worth reading! I found the album on spotify to listen too, and i'm loving that soundtrack also!! I think this album would be good to clean and exercise to. ;)  There is an app I have on my Iphone called Poetics. It is very interesting it has these white blocked words you can type and add onto a background. I hope that makes sense. lol I took a quote a few months ago and created this picture with the app. :)

Quote from Divergent

I don't know why but my depression has been creeping up on me this weekend. Last night was awful because of it. When it gets that bad, I find it hard to find something to distract me from it. Argh! Just gotta have faith that I can overcome it. My hubby decided that we would go out and look around today because of me being depressed. I believe that helped a lot! I now have energy I was missing, even though I still feel the sadness creep around a little bit. But at least it is better then yesterday eh? :) I am thankful for that. My sissy in law called us today also and was like let's go eat somewhere, so I was happy to get that call. It was funny we were all in sync, because all three of us were craving the same thing, Rib Crib. Rib Crib I believe is only restaurant in Searcy, Arkansas that is decent, and it is delicious! They have awesome ribs/barbecue, good southern cooking. NOM NOMS! lol We always have pretty decent service there also, which is hard to get nowadays sadly. If you are ever in Searcy, Arkansas, stop by and eat at Rib Crib. Also the other day when my hubby and I were at wal-mart, we spotted these awesome plastic cups in the party section. They had old school cartoons on them, so of course, I had to have them. Yes, I know it looks childish, but I don't see anything wrong with having them. lol They also had an old school My Little Pony cup, but I didn't get that one. I will have to purchase it next time. These cups were only about $2, cheap and cute is the best way to go right? lol Thanks for Listenin'! Ta Ta For Now!

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