Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Stylish Compression Socks?

Mawnin' Loverlies! I have an opportunity through Soxxy to try out a pair of their fashionable Compression socks. They wanted me to make a post about the product before reviewing them. But as soon as I receive them, I will make a review post on them. :)

SoxxyAir was started by Sarah Stabile, she had to wear compression socks after a knee surgery to help with circulation in her legs. She came up with the idea for fashionable compression socks, because she didn't like the fact that they are plain. I agree, compression socks are just not pretty at all, but they can help in a lot of ways. You can wear them while traveling, working, or exercising. Here is a list of things they are good for.

1. Increases circulation
2. Reduces swelling
 3. Reduces fatigue and jetlag
 4. Reduces risk of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis), which is a blood clot.

SoxxyAir decided to give to charities, "Support a cause, Support your legs". There are different compression socks designs, each design fits the charity that sock will be sold for. When purchased, 8 dollars from that sale will go to the charity the sock supports. The rest of the money goes into making the sock. They have their charity set up on, there they have perks set up you can purchase. Each perk you purchase gives you a different amount or amounts of socks. EX: 25$ starter kit = 1 pair of compression SoxxyAir socks + $8 donation made to a charity. If you want to view all of the perks go to Indigogo and they are set up on the right of the page. There is an email address on the site where you send your size and what charity styled sock you want, after purchasing the perk. While you are there view the video, it is very interesting to watch. You can also view the video via this link, and go ahead and share with your friends and family. I think this is an awesome cause worth sharing! Below are some pictures of the socks and what the charities go to.

The Orion compression sock benefits the Michael Stabile Memorial scholarship fund at Trinity Pawling school. It helps provide Financial assistance to students who have learning disabilities.

The Jesse Lewis Choose Love compression socks is for the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation.

The Kristen Ann Carr Foundation compression socks provides grants for cancer research.

The Bob Woodruff Foundation compression socks helps find and fund communities and even programs, where veterans and their families can work and live.

The Why Hunger compression socks helps find poverty and hunger.

For more information about the charities you can click the links I have given above the pictures, or go to the Indigogo site I posted at the beginning. These socks will be available at the end of April. SoxxyAir doesn't just sell compression socks, they also sell ankle/knee/thigh socks and leggings. Click here to view what they have to offer. There is also a 20% discount y'all can take advantage of! I will post the discount code below so i'ts easier to read. :) I am excited! Like I stated once I receive the compression socks I will do a review on them for y'all. I also feel like I need to get my hands on those Kristen Ann Carr Foundation compression socks, they are so cute with that little rose. I also love that it gives to cancer research because cancer runs in my biological family. Which charity would you give to?

20% DISCOUNT CODE: SoxxyAirs

I also wanted to share other sites you can follow SoxxyAir on.

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