Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What Is Your Fairy Tale?

Mawnin' Loverlies! I finally got to read the new Grim book. If you follow my twitter you would have seen a picture of it, so go follow my twitter so you can catch what i'm reading next! This book has retellings of fairy tales. I love fairy tales, even though some can be grotesque and morbid. lol The writers are young adult writers, a few of the writers' works I have read. It was interesting to see how they would write and retell a certain fairy tale. :) Even though it is a big book I found it very easy to read and get into. It kept my attention, even the creepy stories. I also LOVE the cover its so pretty! I decided I would write the title of each story and then I will give a rating. I will be rating mainly based on the story, because I believe each author did an amazing job of writing them. I will also give a little description of what each story is about. I will rate them by stars, well they are technically asterisks. One star - Did not like it. Two stars - It is okay. Three stars - I liked it. Four stars - I really liked it. Five stars - It is amazing.

The Key by Rachel Hawkins - ** This one is about a girl and her mom, who are psychic. I just wish there was more to the ending, but that is just how some stories are told. Maybe i'm a bit picky. lol

Figment by Jeri Smith-Ready - *** This was really sad and cutesy I guess you can say. The cute part is the little cat, you'll see when you read it.

The Twelfth Girl by Malinda Lo - *** This was an interesting and creepy story about these popular girls that could get away with anything. The new girl basically wanted in on their action.

The Raven Princess by Jon Skovron - ** Somehow the princess is turned into a raven, not telling how. WARNING: If you are squeamish beware. There is just a little bit that is gross, but not enough that it is still worth giving it a try.

Thinner Than Water by Saundra Mitchell - * I give it this rating only because of the story. The author did an amazing job writing it, but my stomach doesn't deal with incest. It creeps me out.

Before The Rose Bloomed: A Retelling Of The Snow Queen by Ellen Hopkins - **** I have been waiting on the her books to turn up in the library. I have been curious because of her writing style. she writes the whole story in poems it looks like, or poem structure I guess you can say. I was excited she did was an author in this book, so I got a chance to see how it is to read her writing style. I enjoyed it. It took a bit to get used to, but it's a nice change from how other authors write. I found this story very interesting, but I will say, I wish it talked more about the snow queen.

Beast/Beast by Tessa Gratton - ***** This is my favorite story out of all of them. It is basically Beauty And The Beast and I've never felt this much enjoyment from this story before. But I love how this author wrote this story, it is very sweet and romantic. A bit different then the Disney movie of course, but I have a new found love for it.

The Brothers Piggett by Julie Kagawa - *** Interesting story about three brothers that run a bakery shop. Also has a little love story in it.

Untethered by Sonia Gensler - *** This one is a sad story about an accident that happened and the twin sister trying to communicate with the other that is dead.

Better by Shaun David Hutchinson - *** This is about earth is no longer livable and they are in space traveling to a planet somewhere that they can live on. All the children have a disease and have been put into stasis, until levis' dad can find a cure. Levi also has the disease but his dad doesn't want him to be put into stasis. I found it very interesting.

Light It Up by Kimberly Derting - **** This title always makes me think of that Fall Out Boy song Light Em Up. So of course it's stuck in my head again. lol This is your modern day Hansel and Gretal, but it is Greta instead. It is creepy of course but I enjoyed it.

Sharper Than A Serpents Tongue by Christine Johnson - ** Don't want to say much because it was short and it might give the story away. But There are two sisters and a neighbor who is an old woman. She does something to them. Read it to find out. lol

A Real Boy by Claudia Gray - *** This deals with robots and romance. That's all i'm saying.

Skin Trade by Myra McEntire - ** WARNING: Again if you are squeamish beware. Let's just say creepy and gross.

Beauty And The Chad by Sarah Rees Brennan - ** This is another retelling of Beauty And The Beast, but the beast is from a different land/world, something like that. I found it annoying because the beast would say dude a lot, therefore my brain came up with the most annoying voice for the part. It just wasn't romantic enough for me. lol Other then that it was an interesting take on the story.

The Pink: A Grimm Story by Amanda Hocking - *** This was romantic story about wishes and carnations.

Sell Out by Jackson Pearce - * I really didn't enjoy this story at all. It was a bit confusing for some odd reason and I felt it was too short. 

So now you just need to go to your local library and check it out. Maybe even go purchase it, because the cover is worth it just to put on your bookcase for display. If you like fairy tales, you will enjoy this book. :) I would love if y'all wrote in the comments which fairy tale is your favorite. 
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