Monday, June 30, 2014

Oh The Gift I Received!

Afternoon Loverlies! Well late afternoon... 
I was having a rough day today to be honest, ya know those pesky anxieties. They will get ya and when they do, they really get ya. :P Luckily my day got brighter when I grabbed the mail! I found a card from one of my Gaybies! I met these few friends on second life sometime last year, well one of them I've known since 2010 I believe. I like to call them my Gaybies, it's a fun word, right? lol I find making friends with men who like the same sex, easier. I have found they don't hit on woman, ;) which is a good thing for this married woman. Right?!? Well I think so, I just don't want to have to worry about guy friends flirting with me, etc. Because it is very uncomfortable and I love my husband dearly.

I am very grateful for these friends of mine, they have been very welcoming and don't mind my weirdness. We all talk about everyday even, which helps when my hubby is off doing school work or working at his job. Everyone needs friends to keep them company! Even though it may be on a call through skype, that is better then nothing at all. I am thankful I have them in my life! They are my family! Well the exciting news is the gift I got from Jayla, that's my nickname for him, his real name is Johnathon. I find it fun giving nicknames to my gaybies, keeps life exciting eh? He sent me this pretty glittery hallmark card with marilyn monroe on the front of it. It had the sweetest little note in it! ok, now for the exciting gift I received! I don't know if any of y'all watch Rupaul's Drag Race, well I do. I find it fun, funny, and interesting. Well this last season was won by Bianca Del Rey, I love him because he is honest and will tell you like it is, but he is also nice and helped the other contestants throughout the competition. Therefore, He deserved to win every bit of this competition! I so want to meet him! Anyways, that was my gift! It is a signed picture of Bianca Del Rey! My poor hubby didn't know what I was doing, he was like are you laughing or crying? I was like everything I am so excited Jayla sent me this autographed picture! I could talk about it for days, over and over and over again. But I won't, I shall spare y'all. lol Thank You JAYLA!!! Have A Blessed Day!

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