Thursday, February 05, 2015

Good Food at Rock House!

Mawnin' Loverlies! This is a quick share today about a restaurant in Searcy, Arkansas. There used to be a Doc's Grill in Searcy, but recently they had new owners buy them. These owners decided to turn it from a Doc's Grill into Rock House. I believe Rock House is a chain, because my friend I have from Chicago said they have one there. My husband and I were just driving around Monday night and we noticed they were packed and with a new name. So we decided to try it out. It was slow service, but only because it was a Grand Opening. I enjoyed the food and love the menu. The menu has hamburgers, tacos, shrimp, catfish, sandwiches, crab legs, salads, etc. We decided to try their hamburgers, because they were build your own. We also ordered fried pickles for an appetizer and they were delicious. I apologize for my pictures. I am lucky I was able to get some pictures of the food, because it was delicious and I was hungry. lol I suggest trying out this restaurant if you ever stop by searcy. Here is their facebook page so you can see more information about them. Have a Blessed Day!

The fried pickles. I was chowing down and forgot to snap a picture of the full basket. lol 
My hamburger I built. I had fried egg, lettuce, tomato, sauteed onions, mayo, I can't remember what else. lol
I also ate the first half and then remembered, ahhhh! I need a picture.

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