Monday, March 23, 2015

Hurry! Frozen Yogurt!

Afternoon Loverlies! There is a restaurant that opened last fall called Shelton's Craft Kitchen in Searcy, Arkansas. I am so happy we noticed this place the other day! I saw frozen yogurt and my hubby and I just had to try it. As we walked inside we were greeted by a very friendly staff. We found out they had more then frozen yogurt when they handed us a menu, so we decided to just eat dinner there also. They have some items you won't see at many restaurants around here. They have a hamburger called "Wholly Cow Grass Fed Angus" and even a "Montana Bison Burger". I do know they buy the meat for their Wholly Cow burger locally from Judsonia, Arkansas. They also have some sandwhiches, steaks, Veggie Ka Bobs, Root Veggies, etc. The way they cook the meat is it comes out on a Stone Grill (I think that is what it is called), which is really hot. It allows you to cook it as long as you want, which for me is well done. (My stomach does not do too well with pink meat lol) Then if you feel you need a dessert, get some frozen yogurt! They have a lot of options for the yogurt and toppings. They even have little cups you can grab to do a taste test to see which flavor you like the best. 

 One of the things that this restaurant has different from what I have seen, is Surrey Deluxe Bike Rentals. You can rent it to ride around town in. (There is a certain area you are allowed to ride to. They will explain it. Sorry I forgot the area they said.) As I was looking on their Facebook page I noticed they have art classes at different times. I am going to have to get in on that, for sure! HERE is a link to their Facebook page so y'all can keep up with what's going on at their restaurant. I just wanted to share this restaurant with y'all, because I know my hubby and I enjoy going there. Have a Blessed Day!

The menus that are from their Facebook Page. I wanted to show what all they offer. :)

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