Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Afternoon Loverlies! I haven't been doing to too much lately. Yesterday I decided to give the new Netflix series called Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt a try. I found I enjoyed this show! I actually binge watched it all yesterday morning. lol It is about these four women who were kidnapped into an apocalyptical cult. Their Reverend stated the world would end on 06.06.06, so he hid them down in a bunker with him. Finally they are found by the FBI and the women are free. One of the women, her name is Kimmy Schmidt, decides to live in New York City. She ends up moving into an apartment that is up for co-renting, and also finds a job being a nanny. I enjoyed the characters on this show, especially how quirky Kimmy is. She is a very bubbly and spirited women, given her circumstances she has been in. Of course the character I dislike the most is the reverend, he is very sexist against women. BLECK! One thing I found was the theme song was very catchy. Schmoyoho was asked to auto-tune the news interview for the theme song. (I Found this Information HERE) I say if this sounds like your type of show, give it a try! Have a Blessed Day!

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