Friday, July 31, 2015

Into The Woods

Hello there Loverlies! About a week ago I decided to try and get out to take landscape pictures. I do miss taking pictures. It first started out frustrating to be honest. I had to take my klonpin to calm my nerves, as always. I guess the medicine made me a bit sluggish to hold the large sonic drink that we got to drink. Of course, it slips out of my hand and onto the car and my clothes. So my hubby and I had to go back to the house for me to change. We also got some quarters to clean out the car, but then we were on our way again! lol I am the clumsiest person. We decided to drive to Heber Springs and found a hiking trail that goes down to a waterfall. Let me tell you, it was hot like a sauna! I felt so gross I had to take another shower when we got home. Well, that is the south for ya. We have Hot and humid weather, with heat indexes at more or less than 100! To be honest, I'd rather have colder/cooler weather. With the help of my hubby, the Lord, and my pills, we got through the day pretty decent. I think I came out with some good pictures. I hope y'all enjoy them! Have a Blessed Day!

These are just a few of the pictures I took. These are my favorites!

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  1. Lovely Pictures! and I really like the look of your blog as well it is so pretty! I really want to get into photography sometime in the future (I need a decent camera) I like taking pictures with my phone and fiddling with the angles


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