Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Hello Loverlies! I have had a lot of stress happening lately. Moods going up and down because of added stresses, but I'm fighting to get through it! We are trying to attempt to get a house of our own, which is exciting but stressful. I just have to trust God it will all go well. I finally purchased me a Journaling Bible to do art in. I also have a few books to finish to share with y'all in a review. So be looking for that. Yay! 

I want to start sharing my art I do in my Bible with y'all, because I think it would fun to share. I finally did my first page today and sadly I already made a boo boo. But I guess I will learn as I go with this Journaling Bible. I purchased the NKJV Bible because it's the closest to the KJV. I like to try and keep closer to the truest form of the Bible, even for study bibles. I joined some Facebook Bible Journaling groups and found out I will need clear gesso to prep my pages. Now I know this for later! So hopefully no more mistakes will happen with my Bible. I am kind of OCD about perfection. I just want to be able to use each page that I am able to use. But just keep your eyes open for more posts. I will link the Bible Journaling FB group pages I am in below.  Have a Blessed Day!

One of the ladies in the FB group I am in called this Ghosting. I just need it to not do that. lol

Here are the Bible tabs I made for my Bible. :) I just used scrapbooking paper and some of them are a canvas paper I painted myself. I then put ModPodge over them to seal them. 

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