Saturday, October 17, 2015

Nominated for Liebster Award??!!

Hello there Loverlies! I have some exciting news to share! I know right? Extra news that is awesome??!!! I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the loverly Gul Zehra, over at Gul-e-Zehra's Blog. I think she is the sweetest woman to think of me for this nomination. I have never been nominated before for a blog award. I would be very blessed to get it, but I am sure there are a lot of other deserving bloggers out there. 

You say Liebster Award? What is that? Well the Liebster Award is awarded to those who have fewer then 200 followers. It is a great way of supporting each other in the blogging world. Also to help get the word out about the lesser known bloggers. :) 

The Rules for the nominees are: 

1. List 11 facts about you 
2. Answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you 
3. nominate a few more bloggers 

Alrighty, 11 facts about me. Beware, I can be a weirdo at times. 

1. I have OCD with not exactly everything. Just certain things. Like I need pictures to be straight, I need them to be in the exact spot that is perfect. When it comes to cooking and plating items. Things have to be plated evenly on everyone's plate. The list can go on for the oddest things you can think of. lol 
2. I constantly can be heard singing. I even catch myself singing in the grocery store, which is embarrassing once caught. I also get anxious I talk to myself in the grocery store whilst purchasing items. 
3. I deal with anxiety disorder and depression. Not a fun fact, but it is my life. 
4. I am addicted to art supplies, stamps, etc. Anything that is a craft item and I think, "Oh I can use this for that, that for this!" I'm a sucker for it. Most of all it has to be the bargain/cheap items. You can always find some cute cheap items at Tuesday Morning. 
5. I have a fascination for owls, birds, and woodland creatures. They have to be certain colors though so that they match. Our Christmas tree is woodland themed. I have just a few more adjustments to get it to full on Woodland themed! :) 
6. I love Christmas! I can easily sing, listen, or watch Christmas films year round. 
7. If I could have any magical power, I seriously would want the ability to talk with animals. 
8. When it comes to food, I get tired of eating the same ol' meals. I always have to switch it up. 
9. My Favorite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas. Well, that is one of them. 
10. I love reading. Especially when they turn your favorite books into movies! 
11. I wish we could wear whatever we wanted to without judgement. If so, I would wear elizabethan or medieval dresses. 

 Now on to the questions I was asked! 

1. When and Why did you start your blog? 
 I started my blog in 2012. I decided to get into blogging to find some purpose for my life. I cannot work because of my anxiety, so I wanted to find something to help me feel as functional as I can. Also to try and help take my mind off my depression and anxiety. Something that was a distraction from it. 

2. What do you find the most challenging in blogging? 
 Trying to find the consistency to post to my blog. Dealing with depression/anxiety, anything seems like an impossible task. 

3. What is your favorite post you've blogged about? 
My favorite blog post, well one of them, is Into the Woods. I just love sharing my photography with everyone.

4. Where do you want to see yourself in the next 5 years? 
 I want to see myself on the right medicine to help my illness. So that maybe I can finally get back to working. I would also love to see my blog be better known. Maybe even as a business. 

5. If you were to choose only one makeup brand to use for the rest of your life, what would it be?
 Hard to choose because I like E.L.F. for their Disney makeup themes. But I would have to say Almay because they do not mess with my allergies as much. 

6. What are the three important goals of your life? 
 1. To get my house decorated the way I like it, so that family can come over and hang out. 2. To have at the most two children 3. To be able to function and deal with my anxiety/depression 

7. Who is your favorite fashion designer and why? 
 I do enjoy Torrid because they have cute fashionable clothes for us plus size women. I love finding Disney graphic tees I can wear. lol 

8. What three products/items are in your bag/purse right now? 
1. My Flowerdy Pen holder
2. My on the go prayer journal (I use it to write in like I am praying/talking with God) 
3. Purple Glasses Cleaner

9. Which country would you like to spend the rest of your life in and why? 
 I don't really know any other answer than the USA. Even though i'm not fond with a lot of things that go on here. I think it would be pretty to live in Scotland, since I am told on my Biological Father's side we have a lot of scottish in our ancestory. 

10. Your advice for new bloggers. 
 Blog for you and not your audience. It's the same as finding new friends. Don't be afraid to show   .your weird and your true thoughts. If those friends aka viewers do not like what they see, so be it. Be you and you will be happy. I think if we always blogged what we thought others wanted to read, we would lose the joy of blogging. 

I am so blessed to have been nominated! I am again very thankful that I was chosen. Thank you again Gul Zehra!! If any of y'all want to answer the questions I had to answer just share them with me in my comment section. I do enjoy some loverly comments! Have a Blessed Day! 


1. You have to introduce my blog first and make sure to share a link back to my blog. 
2. Answer the questions provided at the end of this post 
3. Pass the tag to other bloggers 
4. Provide them with questions and rules to the Liebster Award. 

NOMINATIONS: (Please don't forget to mention my blog and provide a link for it. Also let me know when you blog your posts, because I would enjoy reading the answers to my questions for y'all)

A Cotton Kandi Life

My questions for the nominees: 
1. Why did you start blogging?
2. Is it hard finding time blogging? 
3. How do you go about making the decisions of what to blog?
4. Where do you see yourself and your blog in 5 Years? 
5. What are three goals you plan on completing in your lifetime? 
6. Do you read any books? If so name some of your favorite books. 
7. What is the most challenging thing in blogging for you? 
8. What is your favorite blog post? 
9. What is your favorite social media site you use for sharing your blog posts? 
10. If you could live in any era, what era? and why? 
11. What advice would you give bloggers?


  1. Thank you SO MUCH for the nomination! I will get started right away!

  2. I enjoyed reading yours answers so much! <3 So glad to have cone across you and your blog xo


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