Tuesday, December 08, 2015

First Ipsy November Unboxing

Hello Loverlies! I recently tried Ipsy. Ipsy is a beauty subscription box. You get about 5 items in a makeup beauty bag each month. First thing I will have to say is, I do not like that they use DHL to deliver the bag. I had so much trouble getting my items I paid for. First it was sent here to my town, then it was sent twice to a different town where it stayed there for quite a few days. It was just too upsetting I canceled my subscription and now I am with Birchbox. We shall see if Birchbox does better. Have a Blessed Day!

Ipsy November Unboxing Makeup

Ipsy November Unboxing Makeup

Smashbox - Full Exposure Mascara:
This mascara wasn't really a wow factor for me. It just seemed to be your normal mascara. Also the wand was huge. I enjoy Almay's mascara's better. 

Avance + Flawless Effects SkinCare - Matifying Emulsion MT+ Sheer:
This is a primer before our base foundation. It is supposed to help your skin not be as shiny I believe. At the end of the day my face was shiny sadly. Also I would rather it be unscented, because it smelled of perfume. And not just a light scent either. The other thing about this is, you have to use a little more than you think you would to cover your whole face. Maybe it will be better for folks who don't have as oily skin as I do. Although I was hoping it would work for my skin.

Beauty Basics Navy Gel Eye Liner:
My eyes tear up most of the time because of allergies. So sometimes it is hard to put on eyeliner. I was having trouble at first but once I got it on my eye lids, it actually stayed on all day. The navy eye liner look isn't too noticeable or bold either. Which is a good thing if you don't want the color to show too much. 

The two items I really enjoy are the Galaxy makeup bag and the Pink makeup brush. The Bag is small enough it can easily fit in your purse, and the brush is so soft. It is so soft I don't know if I want to use it just yet. lol

Ipsy November Unboxing Makeup

Skin Inc Pure Revival Peel:
I have only used this once because I don't really have dry skin. When I did use it there is no little goes a long way, and it seemed to make my skin feel more dry. It also had a burning feeling to it, which is odd because it says it's for sensitive skin. Maybe i'ts different for folks who have dry skin. But I know I would not enjoy purchasing this product.

Ipsy November Unboxing Makeup

See you can hardly tell I'm wearing navy gel eye liner. (Sorry for the picture loss. Seems when I do selfies with the front face camera it gets a bit blurry)
The eyeshadow I am using is from CoverGirl. It is Notice Me Nudes. You can find it HERE.

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