Thursday, October 31, 2013

Today I Am A Monstah!!

Happy Halloween Loverlies!! I decided to redye my hair again to Red. Yay!!! I was reading this blog I follow called Hairspray & Highheels the other day. I noticed she blogged about this red hair dye from Vidal Sassoon. The color of this dye is called 5RR Medium Vibrant Red. I have never used this brand's hair dye before. Her's came out beautiful, and made me want red hair again, So I decided to try it.

I had my sister in law dye it for me, because I cannot do it myself. lol It seemed to go on easy and smoothly. I will admit though, this hair dye had my scalp burning a bit. Quite a bit. I have sensitive skin though and don't recall any other dye hurting as bad. Luckily the burn did go away while I was waiting for the dye to set. That was the only complaint I will have to give this brand. Anyways My hair came out beautifully though!! In the pictures below my hair has faded some. This is what the dye looks like after 7 washes. I don't mind though, it looks a bit more natural now. :) I love it!! Ta Ta For Now!!

I have a slight Filter on these pictures.  But this one you can hardly tell.

This is my halloween costume today. LOL Even though I don't have anywhere to go.  Too bad you can't see the bottom part. lol I just paired it with black outfit and rainbow colored tutu!! YAY!!!


This is when I decided to go REALLY RED!!  It was just three years ago now I believe? LOL Unless you feel like having a high maintenance hairdo, I don't suggest doing this evah!! lol


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