Saturday, November 02, 2013

Gettin' My Word Searchin' On

Evening Loverlies!! Today was a pretty decent day. My hubby and I went around and looked at Bath and Body Works and Hastings. We also went ahead and did some grocery shopping. I always like to hurry up and get that out of the way. It can be stressful sometimes for me, with all the people and it being crowded. Makes my anxiety go up quite a bit. lol

I had to also stop by Wal-greens and grab my prescriptions. The dentist prescribed me some Percocet (pain pill) and Doxycycline (antibiotics). It sure was expensive though!! I have 60 pills of the antibiotic. Sheesh!! They were like almost $1 per pill. Ridiculous, I Say!! But I guess it's better this much money now then thousands later if I get an infection. I'd rather not be laid up in the hospital with infection in my bone/jaw. So I guess i'll stop complaining about it. lol

While at Hastings I decided to get this HUGE book of word searches. I have been addicted to these lately. They are kinda mind numbing, but yet, they work your mind out. I hope that made sense. I am lovin' it already!! Anyone else love word searches? Just curious. I wish I was good at crosswords, because I so want to do them. Whenever I attempt them I just fail miserably though. lol I need to find like baby crosswords I guess. At least till I can get better at them. ;) Anyways, I will leave you with a picture of my word search book. Ta Ta For Now!!

Cheap eh?  Makes it even more exciting!!

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