Monday, July 21, 2014

I Ventured Out!

Afternoon Loverlies! There is now a Marco's pizza in Searcy, Arkansas. My hubby and I wanted to venture out and give it a try, and I am glad we did. at first I was a bit worried about trying their pizza because sometimes the red sauce just tears up my stomach. We found they have a pizza called white cheesy, which has a buttery garlic sauce, it was perfect! No red sauce to tear up my tummy! We asked them instead of bacon to put mushrooms and meatballs on our pizza. Somehow she mistook us and had half with bacon and the cheeses and half what we asked her. I Didn't get too upset about it, it is their first day opening. I am sure it will take a little bit to get the full hang of things. It was a good pizza though, and I am thankful for that!

Excuse my siting down whilst taking the pictures. I got really nervous lol while taking them.

There were two stores I wanted to look at and I decided to take a picture of the store named Tookies. It was a cute little store and cute name to it, we asked the owner what a Tookie was, he stated It was how he said tookie when he was little. This store sells baked goods and a few candies. I asked him when the cakes and cookies were baked and he stated that morning. I am a weirdo with questions. I really enjoyed looking around at what he bakes and we decided to get something small for dessert. My hubby got a smore - wich and I got a carrot cake, it was very good. :) If you are ever up in Searcy, Arkansas stop by and try something from tookies, I believe it's worth it. The owner also let's you taste test before you buy. Which is perfect in deciding what you want to purchase. Tookies also has a facebook page, click this LINK to view their page. Have A Blessed Day!

Carrot cake

Smore - wich

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