Friday, October 17, 2014

Meow! I'm a Kitty!

Mawnin' Loverlies! Halloween is this month!! So I decided to ask my grand friend Missy (who I call my Sissy), to take my photo from the "Spooky Eyes" blog post and photoshop it a bit. I love what she did to the picture! She took the photoshopped the contacts, eye makeup, brow liner, lip liner, hair, and changed the color of my lips. She does an awesome job in the photoshop world, if only I could use photoshop like a professional. I probably wouldn't leave the house that much. (oh wait I don't do that anyways..) I decided to take the picture and mess around with some filters on it, but I can't decide if I like it any better then the original she did. The only thing I do like better it gets the background darkened a little bit. I will show you both. 

The downfall is Facebook doesn't allow me to put the whole picture as my profile picture, which makes me frustrated. You can't see my kitty ears! lol I love the kitty headband, because it is the first headband that has actually stayed in place on my head. I purchased it at Spirit Halloween for about 8 bucks, if I remember right. This Halloween store had some scary props that you could use in a haunted house. These props were life size figures that have a sensor button you can tape to the floor. Once you step on that button they started moving, and some of them would jump at you. lol My favorite costumes they have are the cute monster costumes and unicorn costumes. They have a lot to choose from! Maybe someday I will be invited to a Halloween party and I can dress up. Of course, with my anxiety pills in my system. lol Crowds and me don't mix well. I will post the costumes I saw that I loved, so you can see how cute they are! Have a Blessed Day!

Original Missy did.

With the filter I added

I can't decide! lol I like them both.

Now the cute costumes!! I would wear these year round. Yes.

Here are a few options, but they have more! I so need these costumes. lol

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