Thursday, November 13, 2014

Just A Doodlin'

Afternoon Loverlies! Those of y'all out there that read my blog. I'm sorry I have been posting not so much. I just have been trying to help my hubby with his schooling and we haven't had much time to get out. Hopefully when he is done we can get out and I can take some pictures. I miss doing my photography. Once my hubby is out of school, we are going to attempt this thing they call exercise again. We should have time to then. I just find it hard to do by myself. I have been better at getting energy to do more cleaning like I used to. It just is hard sometimes because I get a bit depressed and then I feel like what is the point. I just have to try my best to fight through it.

I am so happy it is finally getting cold! I love wearing sweaters and just being all cozy in them. I hope the cold weather is here to stay finally. Here in Arkansas we were still having 70s weather every few days. It is fall and it needs to be cold, OK WEATHER! lol We haven't turned on the heater just yet because I would hate to turn it on and then have more warm days. I need to get out another card to my Grandfather. I decided to make a little zentangle doodley art. I know it's a bit girly, but I am not the best at making manly drawings. I just hope he enjoys it. I used water colors to color it. I purchased some palettes for my watercolors, but they are taking forever to dry in the palettes. I guess it's the type of watercolors? I have no clue. As long as I can use them, then I guess it works. lol I purchased these palettes for about 4 dollars each at Walmart. Alrighty, enough of the talking and on to the pictures. Have a Blessed day!

What I did for my Grandad

I didn't know that you need to wash the palettes before using them. I am going to have to wash the little trays without messing up my watercolors. I learned you needed to do this form a youtube I watched the other day. So when you buy a new palette make sure to wash them. ;) lol

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