Monday, February 23, 2015

The Need To Paint Often

Mawnin' Loverlies! I recently received a book from Blogging For Books called Daily Painting: Paint Small and Often to Become a More Creative, Productive, and Successful Artist written by Carol Marine. In the beginning of this book Marine talks about she got into selling her paintings and entering them into galleries. In this book she explains the benefits of blogging and selling online, and painting often and small. Marine also explains what materials she uses, how to place your still life objects correctly before painting them, and Marine also has quite a few paintings where she shows what she did step by step. This book is a great book for an artist that is first getting started, because it has so many tips and information that will help. This book mainly talks about oil painting, but you can use this information with any type of paints. Go HERE if you are wanting to purchase the book. Have a Blessed Day!

Synopsis From Goodreads:

A unique system for jump-starting artistic creativity, encouraging experimentation and growth, and increasing sales for artists of all levels, from novices to professionals.

Too many artists find themselves in a frustrating rut: unable to sell paintings hanging in galleries, bogged down by projects they can't finish "or "abandon, and using any excuse to avoid working in the studio. Author Carol Marine was herself suffering from painter's block--until she discovered "daily painting." The idea is simple: do art (usually small) often (how often is up to the individual) and, if you desire, post it and sell it online. Today Marine is among the best and most celebrated daily painters, and the curator of the popular online gallery In her debut, "Daily Painting," Marine reveals the tips and tricks that helped her and other daily painters pick up the paintbrush and start creating beautiful, bountiful, marketable work

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: CAROL MARINE is an artist and the creator of the popular blog A Painting a Day (or Almost). She is a member of Daily Paintworks, a distinguished group of daily painters, and she teaches daily painting workshops around the country. Marine lives in Eugene, Oregon. Visit

"I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."

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