Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Loving Art!

Evening Loverlies! I started in September to attempt drawing again. In high school I tried drawing little cartoon characters all the time, and I missed it. So I have been trying to attempt drawing people again. Sadly they still turn out like cartoon characters though. I really was trying to draw realistic people, but I have failed in the realistic area. lol I just try to remind myself anything can be art, so that I do not get discouraged and It is just my style of drawing. I have also been following some cool Facebook art groups. I love seeing all the drawings and paintings in the groups, because they can be really inspirational at times. I will post the links to the groups below my pictures, if y'all are interested in checking them out. That's all I have to talk about for today! Hope y'all enjoy my drawings and have a blessed day!

Facebook Art Groups:

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